EUSECA – The European Security Academy, Poland, is a huge tactical training facility and well worth a visit. We were invited on a campus tour to share our experience of the premises with you. The Academy offers a wide range of courses, some of which are for authorities only, while others are open to civilians. Defensive shooting, VIP protection, paramedic courses and many other seminars are part of their extensive curriculum.

The academy consists of three areas. There is a campus with lecture halls, a dining room & accommodation, an Urban training area with various kill houses and one of the largest shooting ranges in Europe. ⁠



⁠While participants may suffer during the day in physically and mentally demanding courses, they can rest up luxuriously at night. The facility offers modern accommodation, stylish conference rooms, and a spacious dining hall. Clean rooms and bathrooms, comfy beds, down-to-earth cuisine. There is also a gym, a shop, and a most glorious armory 🤩. ⁠Surrounded by fields and forests, clean air and like-minded people the Campus feels like a bubble – a place I did not want to leave anymore…

The EUSECA Urban Training Area

is a village built for training scenarios. It is also called „Little Mogadishu“  and consists of kill houses, a breaching area and a tactical tower.
I was shown around by one of the EUSECA instructors who answered all my questions about the facility and let me try out some cool stuff 😁. I had the opportunity to breach a door (with lots of help, because all of these tools are incredibly heavy!) and to use my Umarex T4E (Train for Engagement) weapons in the kill houses. The kill houses are designed for force on force training with FX / T4E / airsoft guns and include residential houses, a hotel and a prison. This area is quite impressive and can be used for a variety of training purposes.

The EUSECA shooting range

is one of the largest in Europa and offers 5 different areas, from 15 to 300m. The range is vast and absolutely impressive. It is a dynamic range (360°) and can also be used for vehicle CQB training. There are cars and a pond on the premises that can be used for scenario training. Poland allows full-auto firearms, so this range is truly something that most European marksmen can only dream of. Course participants can either bring their own weapons or if that is not possible due to international transport restrictions, they can use rental weapons.



EUSECA might well be worth a visit for some of you. It is a magnificent facility with a wide array of training opportunities. I certainly enjoyed my time there and am looking forward to my next visit! Obviously, you will be taken along for the ride again via our social media channels 🙂